This section includes various projects that are either a little more advanced, or involve more serious topics, or involve a particular theme.

I have many projects that are in various degrees of completion. They will be added once they have been improved in various ways (better accompanying documentation, additional images, and/or fixing necessary code issues). These projects include the following topics: Classic Data Science Modelling, Neural Network Image Classification, C++ application development, Image processing (with both Python and C++), Interaction with 3D Data, Raw Physics, Data Visualization, Robotics

Covid 19 Related

Concepts: Compartmental Modelling with Differential Equations, Data Visualization using JS + D3, geoJson based Maps, Python data processing.

Image Processing + Machine Learning

Problems that involve a combination of machine learning and image processing.

Various Data Analysis/Science Problems

Various problems from the data science/analysis world.

Miscellaneous Physics, Engineering, Computer Science, and IT Projects