Project Music… We – As Is

Recently I completed two different sets of Lagrangian based simulations ([1] and [2]). I believe that Lagrangian based problems are cool and solving them is fun. Anyways, I believe that the song ‘Magnesium Flares’ off the album As Is by We might be a suitable soundtrack to the motion of double and triple pendulums.

I remember when this album came out it made a bit of an impact with the small circle of people I was interacting with at the time. There were a limited number of copies at the store and I wasn’t able to get a copy at that time. Years and years later, I stumbled upon a used copy in excellent condition for $3.99 (In NYC is all places). By playing a vinyl copy, I realized that there are portions of different songs that sound great at both 33 and 45.

Anyways… the non-jungle portions of this is the song is what I believe works as a soundtrack for double and triple pendulum simulations.


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