Project Music #2… Mo Wax Headz 2A

Recently I was able to complete a project related to the Lorenz system of equations (or the Lorenz attractor). It wasn’t too heavy of a project, but I still didn’t want to be that distracted while making it. Hence, I wanted to have some instrumental music in the background since I get easily distracted with lyrics. Going through my record collection I picked something that I haven’t played in ages… the Mo Wax Headz 2A compilation. Somewhere in my collection I also have volumes 1 and 2B, and they might be eventually included to whatever this site is.

I was able to find this used a long long time ago and was really happy when I did. The packaging is rather nice, however I prefer the colour scheme from part 2B… I just like the blue-orange combo more than the yellow-brown one. Anyways, since this album was released in 1996, it means that the music is from the mid-90s and surprisingly still is sounding fresh all these years later. Perhaps, the current music isn’t that great, so anything sounds better. Or perhaps the recent movement of lofi hiphop streaming channels on youtube has made this album relevant again.

So this album is long… 4 records long. Hence its tough to pick one or two songs from it. Still I have selected a couple…

Finally, the someone has uploaded the full album to youtube… (note that they are from the 2 cd version so the track listing is slightly out of whack)


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