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When I was in elementary school, we always had to make title pages for every new unit that we going to study. Making a title page, made a boring subject (like Canadian history) fun.

At the University level things have quickly migrated to an all digital environment so title pages are not really that necessary anymore. However for those who still use paper documents there are a few reasons to use them:

  • If a professor returns assignments/reports at the end of class in the form of a big pile on a random table, and if everyone has the same style of title page, it is very easy to spot yours from a few feet away especially if you make a fancy and bold one.
  • If your assignment isn’t that great, one can hope that the grade is written on the first page. That is the title page becomes a vanity page
  • One can make a very boring topic a little more enjoyable
  • Also, if you are working on a team and for whatever reason you don’t get along with a team member (who say doesn’t do any work), a crazy title page usually really annoys them.

I really believe that something like the standard APA title page is very boring. For the classes that I took, title pages were awarded zero marks, so if one had a slightly flamboyant page, it wouldn’t hurt their find grade. You have to have some fun sometimes.

Box Style

I found this title page online in some Latex form and added a few modifications to it. I call it the box style because of the big box on it.

The tex file is available here. One will need to copy and paste the appropriate parts to their document.

Fancy Style

I used to use the PSTricks package to make diagrams and graphs in my documents. There are many extra packages that add plenty of useful functionality that are built upon pstricks. Pst-Vectorian is one of these packages and it brings the ability to draw a variety of ornaments. In short, the pst-vectorian ornaments can make things look a bit more elegant.

Again the tex files are available here. Before using make sure that ones Latex installation includes the pstricks and pst-vectorian packages (on overleaf I noticed that the ‘pdfLatex’ compiler doesn’t, but the ‘Latex’ compiler does).


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