Covid-19 Music… part 33… Miles Davis, ‘Round About Midnight

Miles Davis, ‘Round About Midnight, Columbia… So according to the radio, it’s Miles Davis’s birthday today (born: May 26, 1926). If Miles was alive today, I can only assume that he wouldn’t want to celebrate his birthday with this record (for he was always about moving forward). I have a few of his albums and today I’m in the mood for this one.

I bought fairly recently. Being a known customer and being there when it just came in, I was able to get it for $8 (used). Yes, its a 6-eye copy… so original from the early 60s for the price of bad lunch or a fancy snack. This isn’t a record but more of a cultural artifact.

This track was originally written by Charlie Parker (I know its Miles’s birthday… but its about my listening pleasure)…


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