Covid-19 Music… part 32… Jeru the Damaja, The Wrath of the Math

Jeru the Damaja, The Wrath of the Math, Payday Records… Due to Covid, I’ve been going deeper and deeper in my record collection. I have to admit that I usually focus on the stuff that it at eye level, and neglect the stuff on the bottom shelf. So today I spent some time digging through the bottom shelf and found this record.

I remember buying this record in a little hiphop record store in Kitchener Ontario… you got to support the small/local shops. Sadly the store went out of business as not too long after it opened.

In the 90s, there were so many hiphop other albums that were much more popular than this one, so it became one of the forgotten gems of 90s. If the economy comes back and I’m employed, I would love to get a copy of The Sun Rises in the East.

Anyways, this classic track is on this record…


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