Covid-19 Music… part 28… El-Michels Affair, Enter the 37th Chamber

El-Michels Affair, Enter the 37th Chamber, Fat Beats… On a vacation to New York I was at randomly walking around and for whatever reason I noticed that I was at 4th and Broadway. In my head, I had this ridiculous idea that there should be a record store at that intersection because of the obvious (or semi-obscure)… the 4th and B’way record label. And by a ridiculous chance, across the street and a few store fronts away from the corner I discovered Other Music.

There is a lot of praise out there about this record store. The basic summary is that it was amazing. It was a sad day when it closed ([1], [2], [3]). I don’t know if an option of moving to a cheaper location existed. So on the radio the other day they were talking about a documentary that was recently made about the store. I can’t wait to watch it…

So I bought a few records during that visit. The used section was pretty good (however do I remember that they had this overpriced Whodini record that thought about getting). Anyways… one of the records that I bought that day was Enter the 37th Chamber. I am not sure if anyone remembers the hype behind this record but it consists of funk instrumentals of various Wu-Tang songs. Once I got this home, I listened to it a few times a day for a couple weeks.


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