Covid-19 Music… part 27… ESG

ESG, self titled ep, 99 Records, 1981 and ESG, A South Bronx Story, Soul Jazz Records, 2000…

Years and years ago there were a couple of radio shows that were from midnight to 4 am or 5 am that played all the fun and interesting music. These included Liz Copeland‘s show on WDET and Patti Schmidt‘s Brave New Waves show on CBC radio 2 (I can’t believe I can remember such silly details). At that time, I lived a more nocturnal lifestyle so I was often able to catch a good portion of the various shows and which really helped expand my musical taste. So that is how I discovered ESG.

I bought both albums used. The B-side of the 99 records album is a live recording which contains a track called ‘hey’ which isn’t on the Soul-Jazz compilation. Anyways, pretty much all the tracks are fantastic, the types that one could listen to at the start off a day so the rest of the day is filled with positive vibes.

And lastly, perhaps one of the more sampled songs from early hip hop…


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