Covid-19 Music… part 22… Polygon Window, Surfing on Sine Waves

Polygon Window (Aphex Twin), Surfing on Sine Waves, Warp Records, 1993… so certain ‘communities’ are a bit close minded and tend to like a what they like. It’s not everyone who lives there but it seems to be impossible to find anyone different. Whenever I go to a record store in one of those communities, the ‘normal’ stuff is usually picked over and the ‘different’ stuff is discounted so they can just to get rid of it so they could get more normal stuff. This is the case for this record… got it used for less than the price of two medium sized Americanos.

I guess this record could be considered an electronic music ‘classic’ since it still sounds fresh today even though it’s more than 25 years old. Here are some classic tracks from it:


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