Covid-19 Music… part 16… Mowax, Excursions into HipHop

MowaxExcursions into Hip Hop – 1995… A long time ago I found this used on eBay for a very low price. It seemed that no one bid on it so I was happy grab it. Its a nice box that contains 5 12″s of which these two are my favourites.

Olde ScottishWildStyle – The Krush Handshake… its one of those songs that you can listen to in the morning to have a good vibe on the morning commute. Typical UK style in that it takes about two minutes for it to build up to where it needs to be.

The PrunesThe Plot… this one has a bit more repetition compared to the previous one, but sometimes repetition is good. It sets the mood and helps me relax, almost as if it creates a hypnotic state.


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