Covid-19 Music… part 15… Squarepusher, Conumber

SquarepusherConumber EP – Spymania Records – 1995… So years and years ago, I bought a copy of this record and really enjoyed it. At the time I was living in this place with these huge windows and didn’t have any curtains. Anyways, I left a copy this ‘classic’ on my turntable and then went out for the day. Usually the sun is my best friend, but on that day it was the evilest of enemies for it warped this favourite Squarepusher record.

Years later I was travelling and found a used copy for 4 pounds. It was a very happy day indeed. Initially I thought that the sun god was angry at me and hence melted my record as a punishment. But after finding this I am no longer angry with the sun god.

I remember there was a thing about calling the combination of jungle and funk – fungle. I really don’t know why that term didn’t make it to the collective vocabulary or why fungle music went out of style. Anyways, this is my favourite songs on this record, and I believe that it could be classified as a classic from the ‘dark down tempo fungle’ sub-genre…


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