Covid-19 Music… part 1… Lee Morgan, The Sidewinder

So I have been stuck at home and listening to a lot of records lately. So try to catalog my listening by way of this blog. Starting things off with a heavy hitter: Lee Morgan, The Sidewinder, Blue Note Records…

Once, at the record store this guy swooped in and bought this one record in the new arrivals section that looked rather interesting. I don’t know why I didn’t pick it up… guess I might have been distracted with something else. Anyways, about two months later the same guy came in the store again and I beat him to the used section and was able to get this record. I still remember the hurtful look he gave me.

The inner sleeve is of the standard blue note style with a ’27 Years of Blue Note’ on it… hence the record seems to be an original from 1966 and so it has acquired a few scars (and writing on the back) along the journey.

Anyways, here is a sample…


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