Covid-19 Music… part 51… Autechre, Keynell

Autechre, Gescom, Keynell, Warp Records 1996. Since I bought the first Gescom – Keynell release, the kind folks at the record store thought that I would be more than interested in this one. So they ordered it in and put it on hold thinking that I would for sure buy it. I eventually did, but was not too happy at the time since I was thinking that in the future I would have a hold pile that I would be forced to buy. That didn’t necessarily happen and I slowly realized that I could always say no.

These tracks sound fairly different than the originals so perhaps they should be called keynell 5 & 6 instead of remixes. I enjoy them equally as much as the original record. The only problem is that there is only two tracks. After the pandemic, I going to try to find more records like this one.

Anyways… here are the tracks.


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