Covid-19 Music… part 36… Dj Shadow, Endtroducing

Dj Shadow, Endtroducing…. Recently I became aware of the film: The Man from MoWax (trailer). It took a while to track down a copy but I watched it and now understand why early MoWax records are complete gems.

I had the fancy gatefold CD version of this album but my roommate at the time stole it. Eventually I got a reissue of it and years later I found a copy of the ‘remix’ album Excessive Ephemera (for me, the original is better than the remix).

There has been much much praise for this album, such as: ‘An unprecedented debut which changed the face of hip hop in the 90s’ – BBC Music. I’m not going to list any of the reviews, rather just focus on the music. I already listed the ‘What does your soul look like’ 12″, so I will list other tracks…


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