Covid-19 Music… part 3… Reggae 10″s

A few reggae 10″s today…

Lee Perry, Skanking with the Upsetter, Rare Dubs 1971-1974, Jamaican Recordings, 2001.

  • I like that it is in ‘Heavy Stereo’ instead of just regular stereo.
  • Yeah… the Jamaican Recordings label isn’t the best in terms of authentic releases but I still like the track

Dry and Heavy remixed in Kingston JA by King JammyPrivate Plan Dub, Green Tea Records

  • I listened to parts of the original album and it was ok, but it didn’t make me want to buy it.
  • However these are mixes and most are without vocals. Also I found this used so it wasn’t full price.
  • I found a link to one of the tracks and it had 151 views; hope it doesn’t go away

Carl Bradney, Slipping into Darkness, Blood and Fire

  • It’s on Blood and Fire… I know they are all about reissues but I like most of the releases and the packaging of the LPs


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